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Sarah Washburne 65
   mm ____ ___ __ Robert Williams 65, there is uncertainty in her maiden name.
   wf 1692/3 Feb 14 Williams, Sarah, widow of Robert Williams, of Lusam, alias
      Jericho, Younges dau. Hester Cock, to have use of the house standing in
      the old orchard during her widowhood, with remainder to my oldest son,
      John Williams. A negro to be sold, and the proceeds to be divided among my
      five daus.: Sarah Champian, Patience Barns, Mary Dale, Phebe Townsend, &
      Hester Cock. To my granddaughter, Hannah Simmons, a cow. My youngest son,
      Hope Williams, to have the house & land, and all the debts he can recover
      that were due his father Robert in the Province of Maryland. My oldest son
      John to have all other debts. Overseers: son-in-law John Townsend, and
      friends Thos. Powell, Sr. & John Dewsbury.
 with Robert Williams 65
 with Sarah (nee Washburne 65) Williams
   Sarah 66       John 66        Patience 66    Phebe 66       Mary 66
   b              ~1660          ~1664          b              b
   Hester 66      Hope 66
   b              b

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