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Margaret C. "Maggie" Winch 73
   bf 1872 Nov __ Penna to
   mm 1895 ___ __ Walter Scott Faulkner 73
   bm 1872 May __ to Robert Faulkner 72 and Melvina (nee Fowler 72)
   c. 1900 Soundex New Jersey T1060 R58
      1900 12'th Census of the United States - T623 v10 Ed85 S3 L83
      New Jersey R   , P186A, Camden County R959, Camden City, Ward 11,
      2820 Garfield Ave, Enumerated: 1900 Jun 04,  William M. Cunningham
 Name                  Rel.  CSMonYearAgeSYrsNbNlPOB    FPOB   MPOB   YearYrsNatOccupation             UneSchRWELFT
 Walter Faulkner       Head  WMMay1872 28M  5    Pa     Ire    Mary             Laborer coffee roaster   0   YYYR H
 Maggie                Wife  WFNov1872 27M  5 3 3Pa     Germ   Pa                                            YYY
 Florence              Dau   WFMar1896  4S       Pa     Pa     Pa
 Walter S.             Son   WMJul1897  2S       Pa     Pa     Pa
 Gustavus A.           Son   WMAug1898  1S       Pa     Pa     Pa
 with Walter Scott Faulkner
   Florence 74    Walter S 74    Gustavus A 74
   b18960321      b189707        b189808

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