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   LB_00  John Winner/Abigail Doughty

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Mark Winter _
   mf 1799 Mar 07 Elizabeth Reeves _  NJ_GCMR P205.

Joseph Winner _
   mf 1803 Feb 02 Millicent Cavalier _, given as Caveller.  NJ_GCMR P205.

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  John Winner/Abigail Doughty

John Winner 09
   mf 1776 Apr 01 Hannah Carr _.  Both of Northampton.  NJA_MR P84.

Amos Winner 09
   mf 1779 May 11 Rebecca Cooper _.  MKA_MR P94 .

John Winner 10
   mf 1812 May 09 Abigail Doughty 10 NJ_GCMR P204.
   bf ____ ___ __ to Thomas Doughty 09 et ux
   n. need to find these descendants.
   wm 1829 Jan 13 Doughty, Thomas, Eggharbour Twp., Gloucester Co. and western
      division of the State of New Jersey, will of.  To wife Remittee Doughty
      all personal estate during her natural lifetime (after debts and funeral
      charges are paid).  Also, during her natural lifetime the lot on which my
      house, shop and barn stands joining Thomas Garwood's line and the road
      from Risley's Mill to Aaron Somers with the lot that layeth between said
      road and the Meeting House lot.  Also 2 fields laying on west side of said
      road, cedar fence parsimmon tree road leading from Mays Landing to the
      shoar 16 acres.  Plus 2 wagon houses, 2 horse sheds and a lumber yard.
      Also privilege of getting firewood off of any part of my woodlands, during
      her natural lifetime.  After her death lots are to go to son Norris
      Wainwright Doughty together with 25 acres of woodland to be paid off of
      the head joining W. Knight's line, the Mays Landing Road and the Blackmans
      or Cotton line together with all the residue of my personal estate, that
      may remain at the decease of my beloved wife, all which I give him, his
      heirs and assigns.
      To son John Doughty all residue and remainder of my real estate and order
      him to pay my daughter Abigail Winner $125.00 in 12 months after my
      decease.  If John refuses to pay Abigail then the real estate devised to
      him shall be divided between John and Abigail equally.  If John
      relinquishes his claim to all the cedar rails that he has put on the
      partition and line fence by the parsimmon tree, then he shall have the
      above mention waggon houses and horse sheds with the land and the lumber
      yard. (Descriptions follow).  Executrix wife Remittee Doughty.
      Witnesses: Robert Risley, Richard Risley, Prescott Chambers, Robert B.
      Risley.  Proved 1829 Mar 12. C360,361
   n. wm 1806 Mar 15 NJA_COW 1806-1809 V_ P17
      Jonathon Babcock, of Great Egg Harbour Twsp., Gloucester Co., will of.
      Wife, Margerat and daughters, Aleatha and Rachel, 1/3 of personal estate
      to be divided between them.  Son, John, 10 shillings.  Son, David,
      plantation whereon I now live, beginning at a ditch between myself and
      Abel Scull; also other 2/3 of personal estate.  Son, Gideon, 25 acres on
      west side of my plantation whereon he now lives.  Black girl, Charity
      Pines, to be set free.
      Executor: John Winner, Sr.
      Witness: Joseph Winner, John R. Scull, Mary Scull.
 with Abigail Doughty 10

   c. 1840 U. S. Census M704 R247 P021A L22.   Possible mother to John.
      NJ, Atlantic Co., Egg Harbor Twp.
 Name                     /0 0 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1/0 0 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1/
 Harriet Winner __________/0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0/1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0/
 _________________________ 60-69FW
 _________________________ 30-39FW
 _________________________ 10-14FW
 _________________________ 00-04FW

LINKAGE END 00  John Winner/Abigail Doughty

James Winner 09
   n. History of Bucks Co., 1876 Davis.
      1775 Aug 19 PA, Bucks Co., Lower Makefield, Cspt. Peter Vansant; 1st Lt.,
      William Harvey; 2nd Lt. Conrelius Vansant; Ensign, Richard Stillwell;
      Privates D: ...Nathan Doutey....... John Doughty, ...James Winner ...

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Samuel Winner _
   mf 1813 Mar 30 Mary Thorn _  NJ_GCMR P205.

Abigail Winner _
   mm 1816 Feb 23 Joseph Veneble _ NJ_GCMR P194.

Benjamin Winner _
   mf 1824 Feb 12 Eliza Bassett _ NJ_GCMR P204.

Eliza Winner _
   mm 1837 Feb 16 William Palmer _ NJ_GCMR P145.

Rebecca Winner _
   mm 1841 Oct 23 Franklin Peterson _, both of Millford.  NJ_GCMR P149.

Abraham Winner _
   mf 1841 Dec 09 Eliza Ann Gaunt _, both of Millford.  NJ_GCMR P204

Ida V. Winters _
   mm 1875 Jan 31 Harry T. Wickles _ of Philadelphia.  NJ_GCMR P201.

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   n. Begin monoline
   n. Winner_NJ1850_monoline

Isaac Winner _
   bm 1800
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P167   R454 P101 L    0/0.
      NJ, Mercer Co., Hopewell Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 31, William Davis, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Isaac Winner               50M Meth. Monister         8000NJ
 Mary Ann Winner            47F                            NJ
 Mary Winner                17F                            NJ
 W^m Winner                 14F                            NJ
 Bishy Winner               12M                            NJ
 Isaac Winner                9F                            NJ
 Isabella Winner             5F                            NJ

   n. End monoline

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      1. Soundex W___  Winner   W___ Winter
      2. New Jersey Vital Records - H. Stanley Craig
         NJ_GCMR  New Jersey, Gloucester County Marriage Records. Done.

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Abigail Winner _ P4                    Abraham Winner _ P4                   
Amos Winner 09 P3                      Benjamin Winner _ P4                  
Eliza Winner _ P4                      Ida V. Winters _ P4                   
Isaac Winner _ P5                      James Winner 09 P3                    
John Winner 09 P3                      John Winner 10 P3                     
Joseph Winner _ P2                     Mark Winter _ P2                      
Rebecca Winner _ P4                    Samuel Winner _ P4                    


Ann, Eliza P4                          Bassett, Eliza P4                     
Carr, Hannah P3                        Cavalier, Millicent P2                
Cooper, Rebecca P3                     Doughty, Abigail 10 P3                
Palmer, William P4                     Peterson, Franklin P4                 
Reeves, Elizabeth P2                   T., Harry P4                          
Thorn, Mary P4                         Veneble, Joseph P4                    

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