The Sparrow & The Spider

1994 Jul 19 Nature observation
There are orb weaving spiders in the corners of my window on the fourteenth floor. You likely know these ugly brown critters with the black, abdominal feature that for a brief week or two of every year hang from the trees, door jambs, etc. and web your face when walking in the woods in the evening or elsewhere. It takes that two to three weeks for the mud-daubers to round them up and alternately stack an egg or spider in those mud tubes they put all over buildings under the eaves.
I noticed a sparrow, occasionally huffing and puffing while clinging to the 25 mm ledge as it checked out each corner of each window. This morning, after several attempts, it hovered, web-centered and took the fairly large spider in one of the corners, too recklessly cleaning its web of the 20-30 mosquito type creatures it accumulates each night from the wafting winds up the side of the building.

1994 Jul 25
The sparrow has returned many times and this morning, I watched it acquire another of the hairy arachnids. Quite a mouthful.

Ronald W. Cook
Arlington, Virginia

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